COSMIAC Makes Masks for Medical Workers

April 20, 2020

COSMIAC Makes Masks for Medical Workers

Engineers at COSMIAC, an ECE research center located in a facility near the Sunport, are producing face masks for medical workers. Mr. Craig J. Kief (pictured) serves as Director at COSMIAC.

COSMIAC was granted a special exception from UNM Provost James Paul Holloway to
allow students and faculty to use their laboratory facilities to produce these masks. Production began April 10, with the goal being to produce 500 masks a week.    

The facility was given permission to set up a 24/7 production capability that includes three shifts.

The 6,000-square-foot high-bay manufacturing space in the back of COSMIAC, known as “the Launchpad,” is the center of operations for mask production.  

COSMIAC is following strict guidelines that include social distancing (no more than six persons at the facility at a time), frequent hand-washing and sanitizing, temperature-taking, and wearing of gloves and facial protection.  

Thanks to a grant led by Craig Kief, director of COSMIAC, the group has been able to acquire a dozen 3D printers, HEPA filter material that has a similar filtering capability as N95 masks, and other needed supplies. The production has been fast-tracked in order to meet the growing need as the pandemic peaks.