Grant Research

RII Track-2 FEC: Developmental Chronnecto-Genomics (Dev-CoG) and NIH R01 grant called COINSTAC: decentralized, scalable analysis of loosely coupled data.

Sponsor: National Science Foundation & National Institutes of Health

Faculty RecipientVince Calhoun

ECE Professor Vince Calhoun, Director of the Mind Research Network, announced that he has been awarded two grants recently: A $6 million NSF EPSCoR grant and a $4 million NIH R01 grant. The $6 million NSF EPSCoR grant is classified as RII Track-2 FEC: Developmental Chronnecto-Genomics (Dev-CoG) and is entitled, "A Next Generation Framework for Quantifying Brain Dynamics and Related Genetic Factors in Childhood."

Slotted Waveguide and Antenna Study for HPM and RF Applications

Sponsor: Office of Naval Research

Faculty RecipientChristos Christodoulou

Christodoulou and his team, including research professors Youssef Tawk and Joseph Costantine, built a 1,373 cubic foot anechoic chamber from the ground up. It was designed to be reconfigurable, giving it capabilities outside of radiation measurement. The chamber is built to industry standards attracting the attention of organizations outside the university. Christodoulou’s students are trained to use the equipment and make complete and accurate measurements.