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Engineering Student Success Center

The ESS Center at The University of New Mexico helps UNM engineering and computer science student success by providing them with support through a holistic co-curricular experience, things such as tutoring, academic support, scholarships, outreach activities, student organizations, mentoring, research opportunities, internships, events, and much more.

Academic Tutoring

Center for Academic Program Support (CAPS)
CAPS STEM tutors can help you improve your performance in UNM math and science courses, as well as other subjects. CAPS drop-in tutoring labs are places for you to do your homework or study for a test in a supportive environment.

Engineering Student Success Center (ESSC)
Each semester, ESSC hires undergraduate seniors and graduate students within each engineering discipline to provide tutoring for each subject. Whether you need assistance with math, science, or engineering subjects, our ESSC Tutoring Program can help you.

Academic Support Tools

Scholarships & Financial Wellness

Center for Financial Capability
Our mission is to help students learn more about how to better manage their finances. We help students through skill-building, education, and financial relief.

School of Engineering Internal Scholarships

Alumni Scholarships

New Mexico Scholarships

Additional scholarship opportunities


Career Services
Career Services Center is to assist students, faculty, staff, and alumni in developing, evaluating, and/or implementing career, education, and employment decisions.


School of Engineering Career Services Representative

Resume Guide (pdf)

Cover Letter Guide (pdf)

ESSC Internships & Employment

UNM Jobs

Co-curricular & Social Wellness

Student Activities Center
The Student Activities Center encourages students to get involved beyond the classroom by offering over 400 Charted Student Organizations, Sorority and Fraternity National Organizations, Student Government Opportunities, Leadership resources, Outdoor Space Reservations, and Off-Campus Housing.

Lobo Life
Lobo Life offers any student the opportunity to experience the unique landscape and culture of New Mexico and most importantly join a community that shares these values.

Engineering Student Services (ESSC) and SuccESS (to RSVP for events)
ESSC offers support for Engineering Students to get involved outside of the classroom, STEM events, outreach, tutoring, peer mentoring, houses our Engineering based student organizations, and scholarships.

Mental & Physical Health

The Manzanita Counseling Training Clinic
Manzanita is a counselor training facility affiliated with the Counselor Education Program at the University of New Mexico. We offer free, confidential counseling to individuals, couples, and families.

Student Health and Counseling (SHAC) or Direct link to Mental Health resources
SHAC provides quality health and counseling services to all UNM students to foster student success (non-reporting resource).

Recreational Services
Recreational Services Department offers fitness programing, Getaway Adventures, Intramural/Club Sports, Challenge courses, fitness amenities, Aquatics, Camps, and hosts the outdoor bike shop.

Campus Office of Substance Abuse Prevention (COSAP)
COSAP is an office dedicated to supporting students through substance abuse and prevention by hosting workshops, raising awareness, aiding and treatment resources.

Women’s Resource Center Counseling Services
The Women's Resource Center offers FREE in-person and remote mental health care.

Virtual exercise trends: a guide to the growing popularity of online exercise
In this guide, we take a look at the different types of virtual exercise on offer, what might be coming up in the future, and why this method of getting your pulse racing might just be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Mental Health in College: A Guide for Students and Families
Mental health challenges are becoming an increasingly prevalent issue on college.

Advocacy Centers

Accessibility Resource Center (ARC)
ARC is committed to providing comprehensive resources to make education equitable for all students. Their resources include Testing, Technology, Physical Assess, Hearing services, Autism support, Housing, and academics.

African American Student Services (AASS)
AASS provides a welcoming environment and space for African American/Black students. AASS promotes cultural, social, academic, and personal programming to provide holistic support for all AASS students.

American Indian Student Services (AISS)
AISS was established to provide cultural, social, and academic programming to ensure academic success. AISS serves as a liaison to tribal governments, higher education programming, scholarship, and works closely to assist students under these programs.

Asian American Pacific Islander Resource Center (AAPIRC)
The mission of the Asian American Pacific Islander Resource Center is to build a sense of belonging for AAPI students during their studies at the University of New Mexico. AAPIRC also seeks to provide culturally relevant programs that cultivate Asian American and Pacific Islander leaders within communities. Designation of AAPI includes East Asian, Southeast Asian, Central Asian, South Asian, Pacific Islander, and Arab American students at UNM. 

College Enrichment Program (CEP)
CEP is committed to serving underrepresented populations and first-generation students through holistic guidance, individualized support, and programming development to assist in student success. CEP offers mentoring & tutoring, financial aid guidance, scholar programs, and pathways programming to get started at UNM.

El Centro de La Raza
El Centro de la Raza provides holistic support by advocacy, cultural, social, and programming to enhance the student experience.

Global Education Office (GEO)
GEO is committed to serving international students transition here to the University of New Mexico, the United States, and assists students with immigration paperwork.

LGBTQ Resource Center
The LGBTQ Center serves the LGBTQ community by providing a safe and welcoming environment for students to go to, utilize the computer pod, counseling, and offers co-curricular support (non-reporting resource).

The LoboRESPECT Advocacy Center focuses on promoting student success by providing advocacy, navigation, and support to students and the UNM community (non-reporting resource).

Veterans Resource Center
Veterans Resource Center serves student veterans, active duty students, and their families by providing programming, navigating VA benefits, and in-house counseling (non-reporting resource).

Women’s Resource Center
Women’s Resource Center provides multiple programs such as mentoring, scholarships, non-reporting Counseling, Lactation Stations (lists), and a safe environment for computer learning and printing (non-reporting resource).

Tips & Tricks

Students is another website to help you navigate UNM and provide you with tips and tricks.

Off-Campus Housing
Off-Campus housing provides students with a list of rental options within the Albuquerque area.

Why We Spend
The Psychology of Spending Money and How To Break Bad Habits

How to Write a Cracking Cover Letter and CV
Top tips for writing a stand-out cover letter ♦ Getting your CV into shape ♦ Examples of great cover letters and CVs

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