ECE Shares $15M Cornell Plasma Grant

January 15, 2018

ECE Shares $15M Cornell Plasma Grant

ECE Professors Edl Schamiloglu and Mark Gilmore, along with scientists from six other prestigious institutions, will receive a 15M grant from the Department of Energy Grant for its work in High Energy Density Physics.

Schamiloglu and Gilmore are working directly with Cornell University's Stewardship Science Academic Alliances (SSAA) Center of Excellence program.

The Cornell team includes the University of Michigan, UC San Diego, Princeton University, Imperial College (London, UK), Weizmann Institute (Israel), the Lebedev Institute (Moscow, Russia), and the University of New Mexico.

"This is a great opportunity for UNM to increase its visibility and continue making an impact in an area of great importance to New Mexico,” said Schamiloglu.

Cornell’s Multi-University Center of Excellence for Pulsed-Power-Driven High Energy Density Science, led by Drs. David Hammer and Bruce Kusse, will receive a $15M grant to study high energy density plasmas produced by pulsed power generators. This research will investigate the properties of dense, high-temperature plasmas in the presence of strong magnetic fields.

“These grants ensure a pipeline of the next generation of scientists in areas of relevance to the stockpile stewardship mission,” said Dr. Kathleen Alexander, Assistant Deputy Administrator for Research, Development, Test and Evaluation in NNSA’s Office of Defense Programs.