IEEE Spectrum Quotes Panayides

March 2, 2020

IEEE Spectrum Quotes Panayides

An important study, co-authored by visiting ECE Asst. Prof. Andreas S. Panayides was mentioned in the February 2020 Issue of IEEE Spectrum, the flagship magazine and website of the IEEE. Panayides was also quoted in the article.

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The 2020 study that was referenced in the article was originally published in Volume 8 of IEEE Access, a multidisciplinary, all-electronic archival journal of original research, and can be found here.

The story in IEEE Spectrum was titled "Battle of the Video Codecs: Coding-Efficient VVC vs. Royalty-Free AV1" and talks about how the dramatic increase in video traffic on the internet is "taking over the world."

IEEE Spectrum is the flagship magazine and website of the IEEE, the world’s largest professional organization devoted to engineering and the applied sciences. IEEE Spectrum strives to keep its 400,000 members informed about major trends and developments in technology, engineering, and science.

Dr. Andreas. S. Panayides was a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Image and Video Processing and Communication Laboratory (ivPCL), which is a research lab within ECE. His research interests are in adaptive video delivery for real time applications, mHealth and eHealth systems, pervasive computing for healthcare applications, and interactive and distributed analytics of large video databases.

ECE's Image and Video Processing and Communication Laboratory (ivPCL) works on research and publications dealing with image and video processing technology for a variety of uses image representations and their applications to biomedical image analysis and video communications. It’s website is located here: