Honors & Awards

Marek Osinski (2015)
For contributions to analysis of optoelectronic materials and devices.

Vince D. Calhoun (2013)
For contributions to data-driven processing of multimodal brain imaging and genetic data.

Stephen D. Hersee, Emeritus (2004)
For contributions to the development of quantum well lasers by metal organic chemical vapor deposition.

Christos G. Christodoulou (2002)
For contributions to the application of neural networks in adaptive antenna arrays.

Edl Schamiloglu (2002)
For contributions to the generation of intense pulsed charged particle beams.

Steven R. J. Brueck (1993)
For contributions to quantum electronics, nonlinear optics, and optoelectronics.

Ravinder K. Jain (1991)
For contributions to the fields of short-pulse lasers and their application to nonlinear optics and high-speed optoelectronics.

Steven R. J. Brueck (2013)
To recognize outstanding career achievement, scholarly excellence, leadership in a profession, noteworthy public service or humanitarian endeavor.

Steven R. J. Brueck (2010)
Stephen D. Hersee (2012)

Marek Osinski (2003)
For contributions to the theory and simulation of semiconductor lasers.

Steven R. J. Brueck (1987)
For contributions to the spin-flip Raman laser and to stimulated surface polariton scattering.

Ravinder K. Jain (1986)
For pioneering work in the techniques for investigation of short-pulse nonlinear optical processes involving semiconductors and optical fibers.

Majeed M. Hayat (2012)
For achievements in photodetectors and image processing for infrared sensors.

Ravinder K. Jain (1989)

Sanjay Krishna (2011)
For achievements in quantum dots-in-a-well and strained-layer superlattice infrared photodetectors.

Luke F. Lester (2013)
For achievements in optoelectronics and semiconductor lasers.

Marek Osinski (2002)
In recognition of achievements in novel optoelectronic devices, semiconductor laser physics, design, and simulation, wide bandgap group-III nitride light emitters, and technical optoelectronics meeting organization.

Steven R. J. Brueck (2004)
For fundamental contributions to the understanding of the properties of materials and their response to intense laser light.

Vincent D. Calhoun (2012)
For pioneering work in methods for identifying intrinsic brain networks from brain imaging data and for multimodal fusion of imaging and genetic data

Ravinder K. Jain (2008)
For pioneering contributions in several areas of applied physics, including discovery of plasmon-mediated light-emission from tunnel junctions, seminal studies of nonlinear optics in semiconductors and optical fibers, and the invention of several important ultrashort pulse lasers and fiber lasers.

Gardner Zemke Research Award

Dr. Chaouki T. Abdallah (Research, 2004-2005)
Dr. Vince Calhoun (Research, 2016-2018)
Dr. Christos Christodoulou (Teaching, 2008-2011) 
Dr. Gregory L. Heileman (Teaching, 2006-2008)
Dr. Marek Osinski (Research, 2008-2011; Teaching, 2012-2015)
Dr. Balu Santhanam (Teaching, 2015-2017)
Dr. Edl Schamiloglu (Teaching, 2000-2016)
Dr. Balu Santhanam (Teaching, 2015-2018)

IEEE Third Millennium Medals

Chaouki T. Abdallah (2000)
For outstanding achievements and contributions.

Steven R. J. Brueck (2000)
For outstanding achievements and contributions.

IEEE Nanotechnology Council Early Career Achievement Award

Sanjay Krishna (2008)
For contributions to the development of quantum dots-in-a-well (DWELL) heterostructure for infrared focal plane arrays.

IEEE-Antennas and Propagation Society
John Kraus Award

Christos G. Christodoulou (2010)
For contributions to the integration and design of reconfigurable multi-band antennas with RF MEMS switches over a wideband frequency range (8-25GHz).

IEEE Computer Society, Outstanding Contribution Award

James Plusquellic (2012)
In recognition as Co-Founder of and providing outstanding contributions to the IEEE International Symposium on Hardware-Oriented Security and Trust (HOST) for the past four years 2008-2012.

IEEE Golden Core Award

James Plusquellic (2013)

SPIE Early Career Achievement Award

Sanjay Krishna (2008)
In recognition of his tremendous contributions to the development of mid infrared focal plane arrays using self assembled quantum dots in a well (DWELL) design.

SPIE Harold E. Edgerton Award

Luke F. Lester (2012)
In recognition of his pioneering contributions to the development, characterization, and integration of quantum dot mode-locked lasers as high-speed optical sources.

Ravinder K. Jain (1992)

ACM/SIGDA Distinguished Service Award

James Plusquellic (2004)
For exemplary service to ACM/SIGDA and the Design Automation Conference as director of the University Booth program.

UNM Teacher of the Year Award
Sanjay Krishna (2010)
Stephen D. Hersee, Emeritus (2000)

A. Earl Walker Neuroscience Award, UNM
Vince D. Calhoun (2012)

University Distinguished Professor
Steven R. J. Brueck

UNM Regents’ Lecturer
Sanjay Krishna (2009-2012)
Edl Schamiloglu (1996-1999)

ECE Researcher Award
Dr. Zhen Peng (2015)

ECE Teacher Award
Balu Santhanam
Dr. Ying Yang

Lawton Ellis Award
Chaouki T. Abdallah
Balu Santhanam (2012)
Dr. Marios Pattichis (2015)

Young Investigator Award, International Congress on Schizophrenia Research
Vince D. Calhoun (2005)

Early Career Investigator Award, International Society for Neuroimaging in Psychiatry
Vince D. Calhoun (2004)

Rafael Fierro (2004)
Luke F. Lester (1995)
Majeed M. Hayat (1998)
Nasir Ghani (2005)
Mani Hossein-Zadeh (2010)
Meeko Oishi (2013)
Daniel Feezell (2015)

DARPA Director’s Fellowship
Daniel Feezell (2015)