Admission to the Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Admissions

Every student who wishes to pursue a BS in Electrical Engineering (EE) or Computer Engineering (CompE) must first be formally admitted to UNM as pre-majors and then eventually into the ECE degree programs in major status.

Freshmen, transfer students, and readmits must first apply to UNM through the Office of Admissions. Students that meet the minimum UNM admission requirements will be admitted into the university. Upon university admission, students will select the degree program of their choice and will be placed as pre-majors in their intended program.

ECE degree programs admission (pre-major to admitted major transition) requirements

Pre-majors in the EE and CompE programs must successfully complete the ECE degree programs admission requirements described below in order to transition from pre-major to admitted major status. Pre-majors will be automatically admitted upon successful completion of the following:

  • Completion of English 1110 or higher and MATH 1512 and 1522 with a "C" or better
  • Good academic standing with the School of Engineering (minimum 2.3 cumulative UNM GPA*)
  • Completion of at least 18 credit hours of technical courses
  • A GPA of at least 2.5 in those technical courses (in other words, a 2.5 technical GPA* or better).

*Note for transfer students: UNM GPA does not take transfer grades into account and is based solely on UNM courses, but the technical GPA does factor in applicable transfer grades.

Applicable technical courses for admission include:

  • Any lower division ECE courses (100s-200s)
  • MATH 1512 and above
  • PHYS 1310 and above
  • Basic Science (BIOL 1110, 1140, CHEM 1215, 1225, ASTR 2110, 2115)

Switching Majors/Programs (Current UNM students)

Current UNM students in a non-ECE major interested in switching to either EE or CompE program are welcome to meet with an ECE academic advisor to discuss the program, School of Engineering policies, and any other relevant details. To officially switch, students will simply confirm it with the academic advisor. Depending on the time of the semester, the switch may immediately take effect or it may take effect the following semester. Students will be switched in pre-major or admitted major status depending on program admission requirements completion status as reviewed by the academic advisor.

Similarly, ECE students wanting to pursue another UNM major outside of ECE must meet with an advisor for that major.

Revised February 2023