Course # Course Title Faculty Coordinator Semester
500 Theory of Linear Systems Dr. Fierro Fall
506 Optimization Theory Dr. Pattichis Fall
510 Medical Imaging Dr. Calhoun Fall
512 Intro to Computer Graphics Yin Yang Spring
516 Computer Vision Marios Pattichis  Spring
517 Machine Learning

Manel Martinez-Ramon

520 VLSI Design Dr. Zarkesh-Ha Spring
522 Hardware/Software Codesign with FPGAs Dr. Plusquellic Spring
523 Analog Electronics Dr. Zarkesh-Ha Fall
533 Digital Image Processing Dr. Pattichis Spring
534 Plasma Physics I Dr. Gilmore Fall
536 Computer System Software Dr. Shu Spring
537 Foundations of Computing Dr. Yang Fall
538 Advanced Computer Architecture   Fall
539 Digital Signal Processing Dr. Santhanam Spring
540 Advanced Networking Topics Dr. Jordan Fall
541 Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes Dr. Hayat / Dr. Santhanam Fall
542 Digital Communications Theory   Spring
546 Multivariate Control Theory Dr. Abdallah Spring
549 Information Theory and Coding Dr. Heileman Spring
560 Introduction to Microwave Engineering Dr. Gilmore Fall
561 Electrodynamics Dr. Shamiloglu Spring
563 Computational Methods for Electromagnetics Dr. Peng Fall
569 Antennas for Wireless Communications Dr. Christodoulou Spring
570 Semiconductor Optoelectronic Materials and Devices Dr. Feezel Fall
572 Physics of Semiconductors Dr. Balakrishnan Spring
576 Modern VLSI Devices Dr. Balakrishnan Spring
583 Power Electronics Dr. Lavrova Fall
584 Photovoltaics Dr. Lavrova Spring
588 Smart Grid Technologies Dr. Lavrova Spring
633 Advanced Topics in Image Processing Dr. Pattichis  


Major Core Courses

Computer Engineering Bioengineering with CompE

List A: Select at-least two core courses from: ECE 520, ECE 533, ECE 536, ECE 537, ECE 538, ECE 540, ECE 542, ECE 549.

List B: Select at-most one core course from: ECE 506, ECE 510, ECE 512, ECE 516, ECE 517, ECE 522, ECE 539, ECE 541, ECE 633.

On the Qualifying exam, students will be tested on the 3 major core courses.  Additionally, students can select any ECE core course as the 4th minor core course, including courses on Lists A or B above.
Computer Architecture & VLSI Design
Computer Systems and Networks
Computer Graphics, Vision and Image Processing
Information Systems
Electrical Engineering Applied Electromagnetics ECE560 Intro. to Microwave Engineering (Fall), ECE561 Electrodynamics (Spring), Either: 1) ECE534 Plasma Physics I (Fall, Plasma Science track), OR 2) ECE569 Antennas (Spring, Antennas track).  4th course required for Ph.D.: ECE 563 Computational Methods for Electromagnetics
Bioengineering with EE

ECE510 Medical Imaging (Fall), ECE533 Digital Image Processing (Spring)
And one of:
ECE561 Electrodynamics (Spring, Applied EM track)
ECE539 Digital Signal Processing (Spring, Signal Processing track)

ECE500 Theory of Linear Systems (Fall, Systems & Controls track)
Communications ECE500 Theory of Linear Systems (Fall), ECE541 Probability Theory & Stochastic Processes (Fall), ECE542 Digital Communications Theory (Spring)
Image Processing ECE533 Digital Image Processing (Spring), ECE541 Probability Theory & Stochastic Processes (Fall), ECE539 Digital Signal Processing (Spring)
Microelectronics ECE520 VLSI Design (Spring), ECE523 Analog Electronics (Fall), ECE576 Modern VLSI Devices (Spring)
Optoelectronics ECE561 Electrodynamics (Spring), ECE570 Optoelectronic Semiconductor Materials & De­vices, ECE572 Physics of Semiconductors (Spring)
Power and Energy ECE583 Power Electronics (Fall), ECE584 Photovoltaics (Spring), ECE588 Smart Grid Technologies (Spring)
Signal Processing ECE500 Theory of Linear Systems (Fall), ECE541 Probability Theory & Stochastic Processes (Fall), ECE539 Digital Signal Processing (Spring)
Systems & Controls ECE500 Theory of Linear Systems (Fall), ECE541 Probability Theory & Stochastic Processes (Fall), ECE546 Multivariable Control Theory (Spring)