Undergraduate advisement is available to all undergraduate students seeking a degree in electrical or computer engineering. The primary purpose of undergraduate academic advisement is here is to help you feel connected to the department and the university by keeping you informed of deadlines and necessary procedures.

Please Note: UNM has introduced a new system to schedule appointments with your advisor that is called LoboAchieve. Please click this sentence to download the guide to scheduling an appointment through LoboAchieve!

Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Academic Advisor: Valarie Maestas
Email Address:
Primary office: Electrical and Computer Engineering (BLDG 46) room 115
Phone Number(s): N/A
Major(s): Electrical and Computer Engineering
Paperwork Policy Bring all required documents, printed and ready that need to be filled out to your appointment, or walk-in visit.
Walk-In Policy Hosted Tuesday afternoons and Fridays- first come first serve basis. Walk-ins are reserved for quick questions and not for hold removal.
PHONE Reserved for students living outside the ABQ area. Students must confirm via email prior to scheduling an appointment that requires a phone call.

Advisement Hours

This is Valarie's Schedule

Please keep in mind that I have department meetings/trainings that I MUST attend. My calendar in LoboAchieve will accurately reflect my availability. If I am ever out sick another advisor will see you or contact you to reschedule.