Academic Advisement

School of Engineering (SOE) students are required to complete formal advising every Fall and Spring semester. Pre-major students are advised by an Academic Advisor and admitted, degree-seeking majors are advised by a Faculty Advisor. Students are welcome to seek assistance from advisors as needed beyond the one required semester advisement.

Academic advisement is available to all students actively pursuing or considering a degree in electrical or computer engineering, including prospective students not yet admitted to UNM. If you are considering transferring to UNM, you’re an exchange student, or you plan to take classes as a non-degree seeking student, you may also contact advisors for assistance.


The mission of advisement at The University of New Mexico is to provide student-centered support and services that include collaborative strategies that empower students to excel in their academic and professional aspirations as well as provide students with the opportunity to acquire knowledge and training that foster responsibility for their academic success.  


To contact an ECE academic advisor, please email the address above. Expect a response within 1-3 business days. Please refrain from submitting subsequent emails inquiring about your first message unless you haven’t gotten a response within the 3 business days.

Students are expected to read and respond to UNM, SOE and ECE related email and will be fully responsible if these messages are neglected and important notices and deadlines contained in these messages are missed, including messages related to applications, advisement, scholarships, internships, tuition payments, and registration.

In order to comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), current UNM students must correspond with their advisor from their UNM email account. By law, no information contained in educational records can be communicated via non-UNM accounts. For information on FERPA and confidentiality, please visit


Virtual and in-person appointments are available and can be scheduled via LoboAchieve. Students can set up appointments with their assigned academic advisors, as well as search advising offices throughout UNM to meet with other advisors for things such as changes to major, inquiring about minors, etc. Prospective (non-UNM) students are able to create an account to schedule appointments. Please click this sentence for a guide to scheduling an appointment through LoboAchieve!

ECE Advising Offices: ECE (bldg. 46) rooms 113 and 115, in the administrative office accessed through the main lobby/atrium. If the office door is closed, check-in via LoboAchieve to notify the advisor that you are there (these instructions are also posted on the door). All UNM engineering buildings require a current UNM ID card for entry. If you’re a prospective student or do not yet have a UNM ID card, please let us know in your meeting note when setting up the appointment or email when you are outside the building and an advisor will come meet you.

Please keep in mind that we have meetings, trainings, and other tasks that we MUST complete so we’re not always available. Our calendar in LoboAchieve will accurately reflect our availability. If we are ever out sick, we may contact you to reschedule or another advisor may be available to see you.


UNM COURSE CATALOG Comprehensive list of university programs, requirements, policies course descriptions, pre-requisites, and more.

LOBOTRAX DEGREE AUDIT The LOBOTrax report is an interactive course-planning tool. The report will tell you what you have already completed, what you have left to complete your degree, and any transfer credit that has been applied toward your degree. This is the tool advisors use every day and is used to graduate you.

UNM GEN ED Complementing the major, General Education (Gen Ed) courses provide a set of strategies: communication, critical thinking, information analysis, quantitative skills, and responsibility towards local and global communities. Students develop these strategies from different angles by taking one or more courses (usually numbered at the 1000- and 2000-levels) in each of the areas of study of the General Education curriculum. 


Holds are placed on student accounts to prevent registration & sometimes access to transcripts until a required action is complete. You can view your holds status and origins in LoboWeb’s Registration & Records menu by selecting “View Hold” or in the Registration Portal by selecting “Check My Registration Status”. For more details on holds, click here.

ECE Advisement Holds

Advisement holds are placed about a month into the Fall and Spring semesters. We strongly encourage students to resolve their holds as early as possible in preparation for registration for the following semester. Early hold removal will also allow any potential schedule changes a student might make during the current semester.

The following holds are the most common to occur throughout most semesters. Though students will receive courtesy emails about these holds, it is expected that students be able to resolve these without prompting from academic advisors.

  • Plan of Study Review (pre-majors) One-on-one meeting with an academic advisor to discuss how things are going. Students should ideally bring a tentative plan for the upcoming semester for review and discussion with the advisor. In lieu of a meeting, students may also simply email a plan for their upcoming semester for review if they’re confident in what they’ll be taking next and there are no other issues to discuss.
  • Faculty Advisement (admitted majors) Required advisement meeting with faculty advisor. If a student does not recall who their faculty advisor is, an email reminder from titled “Faculty Advisement” is sent every semester containing this information.

The following holds are one-time occurrences that require specific actions from students. Instructions will be sent via email from with the appropriate advisement hold title.

  • First Semester Advisement Workshop Covers the basics of advisement, navigating UNM resources, the ECE curriculums, and learning how to plan future semesters.
  • Pre-Major to Admitted Major Transition (Department Orientation) Required upon program admission to ECE. Covers faculty advisement, upper division electives, applying to graduate, and planning for remaining semesters in the undergraduate program.
  • Graduation Planning Additional advisement hold that may occur if a student is close to graduating but has not yet applied. Students will be prompted to complete an application to graduate.

SOE Holds/Academic Review

School of Engineering holds are related to Academic Standing. SOE will email you in these cases; please refer to those emails for detailed information.

Probation — student’s cumulative GPA fell below required standard for SOE. MUST meet with Academic Advisor to discuss criteria, plan, and resources.

Dismissal — 
student did not meet academic requirements for SOE but still meets the requirements for UNM.  Must select a new major/advisor outside of SOE.

Suspension — student’s cumulative GPA is below UNM’s standard at the end of a probation semester. Must select new major/advisor upon return after suspension period.

Campus-Wide Holds

The following holds can only be removed by their office of origin. Please contact them if you have any questions regarding their holds.

Bursars — Financial obligation.
Admissions — Student is missing official records or otherwise has an incomplete admission.
Dean of Students (New Student Orientation) — Most likely university orientation.
Global Education Office (GEO) — Regarding your international status.
Athletics — Student athletes must meet with their athletics advisor.


Revised February 2023