Undergraduate advisement is available to all undergraduate students seeking a degree in electrical or computer engineering. We are here to help every step of the way. Before students even step foot on campus.


The mission of Advisement at the University of New Mexico is to provide student-centered support and services that include collaborative strategies that empowers students to excel in their academic and professional aspirations as well as provide students with the opportunity to acquire knowledge and training that foster responsibility for their academic success.
Please Note: UNM has introduced a new system to schedule appointments with your advisor that is called LoboAchieve. Please click this sentence to download the guide to scheduling an appointment through LoboAchieve!

Helpful Advisement Material:

Valarie Maestas
Office: ECE (bldg. 46) room 115
Appts and Walk-in hours: for all admitted students
Transfer, inquiring and otherwise not admitted: Please email your interests/questions and if needed we will coordinate an appointment time.

Elias Medina
Office: ECE (bldg. 46) room 113
Appts and Walk-in hours: for all admitted students
Transfer, inquiring and otherwise not admitted: Please email your interests/questions and if needed we will coordinate an appointment time.

Please keep in mind that we have department meetings/trainings that we MUST attend. Our calendar in LoboAchieve will accurately reflect our availability. If we are ever out sick another advisor will see you or contact you to reschedule.


Students are responsible for making sure that they understand and fulfill all applicable requirements for their degree and that they comply with all UNM regulations. This information can be found in the UNM Catalog. Students have the option of completing degree requirements listed in the issue of the catalog in use during the term they were admitted to ECE or any issue thereafter. Catalogs are available online at:

Entering students should especially read the sections of the UNM Catalog that pertain to:

  • UNM's general academic regulations 
  • The School of Engineering; and 
  • The Electrical & Computer Engineering Department, including course descriptions, required prerequisites and co-requisites 


Students admitted to ECE will be required to attend formal advising sessions twice a year to address questions or problems that may arise and to ensure that they are on track for graduation. Advisement holds are placed on a student’s record each semester and are not removed until the student has met with their advisor, or attended the appropriate workshop. Students are initially advised by the ECE Academic Advisor and then are assigned to a Faculty Advisor once they have been admitted to the department.  

  • Intro to UNM Workshop  Required in your first semester (schedule via LoboAchieve — In Eli’s calendar)
  • Degree Planning Workshop  Required in your second semester (schedule via LoboAchieve — in Val’s calendar)
  • Department Orientation Required upon admission to ECE (schedule via LoboAchieve — In Eli’s calendar)
  • Plan of Study (pre-majors) require one on one appointments (you can see Val or Eli)
  • Plan of Study (Admitted to ECE) require meeting with your assigned faculty (email faculty to set time/date)
  • Graduation Planning holds require one on one meeting to review graduation requirements and apply to graduate! (schedule via LoboAchieve — in Val’s calendar) 

Students will receive an email instructing them which advisement activity they should attend each semester based on where they are in the curriculum. Students will receive 2 email reminders. Any student that does not satisfy the advising requirements by finals week each semester must meet with Dr. Ganesha Balakrishnan first before holds will be removed.

Other holds:

Probation — (click to view info packet) students cumulative GPA fell below required standard. MUST meet with Academic Advisor for the major
Suspension — students cumulative GPA remained below standard. Must select new major upon return.
Dismissal — student is not meeting academic requirements for SOE must select new major
Bursars — financial obligation contact 505-277-5363
Admissions — Student is missing official records or otherwise has an incomplete admission contact 505-277-8900


Students are expected to read and respond to UNM, SOE and ECE related email and will be fully responsible if these messages are neglected and important notices and deadlines contained in these messages are missed (including messages related to applications, scholarships, internships, tuition payments and registration).