Schamiloglu Awarded DARPA INVEST Grant

July 15, 2016

Edl Schamiloglu VacuumECE Distinguished Professor Edl Schamiloglu was awarded a DARPA INVEST grant to  study high-frequency electromagnetic sources.   

With its new Innovative Vacuum Electronic Science and Technology (INVEST) program, DARPA aims to develop the science and technology base for new generations of more capable VEDs (vacuum electron devices). Schamiloglu plans on employing additive manufacturing (3D printing) technology to manufacture components to generate sources capable of generating 70+ GHz radiation.  

This is Schamiloglu's first DARPA award and builds on his successful program supported by AFOSR and ONR.  Schamiloglu currently is in year four of a five-year MURI grant (his third DOD MURI grant), is in year 2 of a new 6-year AFOSR/AFRL Center of Excellence, has numerous single investigator grants, and last year won two DURIP instrumentation grants totaling over $1M (his 8th and 9th DURIP grants, respectively).

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