Plusquellic Foils Hackers, Creates Startup

March 7, 2016

ECE Professor Jim PlusquellicECE Professor Jim Plusquellic's system to protect hardware from hackers was mentioned in an article that appeared in the Thurs., Jan. 7 edition of the Albuquerque Journal.

The Journal article, which can be found by clicking this link, reported on a new "Lab-to-Business" accelerator that will assist "startups" to market UNM technologies. The program is being paid for with a $200,000 grant from The City of Albuquerque.

Dr. Plusquellic security system, dubbed "Enthentica" is one of three UNM startups that are part of the "Startup Factory." The Startup Factory was created in 2012 by the New Mexico Angels, an organization that invests in high growth potential and early stage and seed companies.

"The PUF technology that we are developing and marketing with Enthentica is designed to add a layer of immutable hardware-level security to current and future IoT systems, including smart cars/homes/cards, RFID systems, smart grid, embedded biomedical, etc, many of which are becoming increasingly safety critical," said Dr. Plusquellic.