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photo: Jamshid Sorooshian

May 3 seminar: Jamshid Sorooshian
May 2, 2024
Dr. Jamshid Sorooshian is the New Mexico Site Manager for Program and Technology at Intel. Read More...

photo: Khanh Pham

April 26 seminar: Khanh Pham
April 25, 2024
Dr. Khanh D. Pham is a supervisory principal aerospace engineer at the Air Force Research Laboratory / Space Vehicles Directorate and an adjunct research professor in the ECE Department at UNM. Read More...

photo: Milad Marvian

April 19 seminar: Milad Marvian
April 18, 2024
In this talk, the basics of a few strategies to reduce and correct errors in quantum computers will be discussed. Read More...

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