SHAC Wants to Help

SHAC Wants to Help

The UNM Student Health & Counseling Dept (SHAC) is offering free workshops for students this fall. These workshops can help students deal with their stress, anxiety, sleeplessness and more.

"They can just show up! No registration required!" said an enthusiastic SHAC employee when asked if a student could just "pop in."

Click this sentence to learn more about "Confidence in the Classroom: Surviving & Thriving During Difficult Conversations"

Click this sentence to learn more about SHAC's "Stress & Anxiety Toolbox."

Click this sentence to learn more about SHAC's "De-Stress With Essential Oils."

Click this sentence to learn how you can "Catch Some Zzz's."

For a complete listing (on one printable page) of the free workshops that were created just for UNM students please click these words.

Click here to visit the SHAC website.

UNM SHAC is located on Main Campus north of Johnson Center and across the mall from (east of) the Student Union Building. SHAC provides quality health and counseling services to all UNM students to foster student success. Fees charged at SHAC are much lower than community rates. SHAC is funded in part by student activity fees.