Lobo Voxelizer (V1.0)
By Yin Yang @ UNM

This small tool is designed for fast generating 3D tetrahedral/vox mesh out of the complex input surface geometry (in obj format). For many graphics/simulation research, obtaining the high quality volumetric mesh is a quite headache especially for complex structural models. This piece of small tool generates the tetrahedron based on the voxlization of the input obj based on the idea of Squashing Cubes with much easiler implementation. Each vox is then divided into 6 tetrahedrons and the output is .ele/.node file which are one of the standard output of Tetgen.
After importing the obj. you need to specify the density of the vox mesh and the interior of the mesh will be automatic filled with an inversed BFS after voxlizeing the surface triangel mesh. Then you can save it out as tethahedral mesh. [Source]


Last update by Yin Yang @ UNM, Mar 23, 2014