ECE 495/595 Advanced Computer Graphics and Animation, Spring, 2014 (completed)

Yin Yang
Office: ECE 134B
Office hour: Monday 11:00am - 1:00pm

Course Description
This class focuses on the both theoretical foundations and programming techniques involved in computer graphcs/animation. Algorithms and approaches for both character animation and physically based animation will be covered. Particular subjects may include skeletons, skinning, keyframing, facial animation, inverse kinematics, locomotion, motion capture, video game animation, particle systems, rigid bodies, clothing, and other techniques.

Formal prerequisites for this course are Linear Algebra, and ECE 131 (Programming Fundamentals) or equivalent. You should have some familiarity with basic linear algebra and physics (e.g. Newton's laws of motion), and good working knowledge of graphical programming (such as OpenGL, DirectX, or Java3D).

There are no required textbook, but the following books/sides/materials serve as good references. All course materials will be available at UNM Learn
For OpenGL Programming References:

OpenGL Programming Guide: The Official Guide to Learning OpenGL, Versions 3.0 and 3.1 (7th Edition), 2009. ISBN-13: 978-0321552624 [Amazon Link]
OpenGL SuperBible: Comprehensive Tutorial and Reference (6th Edition) ISBN-13: 978-0321902948 [Amazon Link]
Interactive Computer Graphics: A Top-Down Approach with Shader-Based OpenGL (6th Edition) ISBN-13: 978-0132545235 [Amazon Link]
OpenGL Programming Guide V1.1: a little bit out of data, but FREE
Nehe Opengl Tutorials: A very comprehensive OpenGL tutorial website
OpenGL Official Site

A Titorial for OpengGL/GLUT Setting under Windows and MS Visual Studio (with source code)
A Titorial for GLEW and FREEGLUT Setting under Windows and Ms Visual Studio

For Animation References:
Computer Animation, Third Edition: Algorithms and Techniques, ISBN-13: 978-0124158429 [Amazon Link]
Physically Based Modeling: Principles and Practice (Siggraph '97 Course note )
Programming Assignments: (85 thanks to Mr. Ian Collins for correcting me the error) 80%

Assignment 1 (15%)
Assignment 2 (15%)
Assignment 3 (15%)
Course Project (35%)

Mid-term Exam 10%
Final Exam 10%

Late Work
All assignment submissions will be due on the specified date no later than 11:59 PM.
Assignments will be accepted one day late with 20% penalty.
24 hours after the due date, if not submitted, assignments will receive a grade of zero.

Course Topic
1/22 Introduction to Computer Animation 1/27 Linear Algebra Review
1/29 OpenGL Programming 2/03 Tansformation
2/05 Viewing 2/10 Projection
2/12 Lighting 2/17 Shading
2/19 Using GLUT 2/24 Cliping & Rasterization
2/26 Cliping & Rasterization 3/03 Texture and Other Mapping
3/05 Texture and Other Mapping 3/10 Skeleton
3/12 Quaternion 3/17 Spring break
3/19 Spring break 3/24 Skin
3/26 Review 3/31 Mid term
4/02 N/A 4/07 Channels & Key frames
4/09 Channels & Key frames 4/14 IK
4/16 IK 4/21 Differential Equation
4/23 Particle System 4/28 Mass-Spring System
4/30 Rigid Body Dynamics 5/05 Final Review
5/07 Final