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The atrium during and after a new coat of paint.

The last few weeks have been action packed. Dry wall, carpeting, paint, and scaffolding. But the end is in sight and we are all pleased with the way the building is shaping up. Thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding during the reconstruction and renovation.

As we near the end of the semester we would like to congratulate you all on your hard work this semester and good luck on your finals.

And be sure to check out the racecar parked in the atrium!

Go Lobos!


Central United Methodist Church Foundation EE scholarship - graduate

If you are a member of a United Methodist Church and hold a 3.2 GPA check out this scholarship right here. For more information on the scholarship contact Central Methodist Church Foundation at CUMCFoundation@centraltolife.org.

The NPSC Graduate Fellowship - graduate

The NPSC Graduate Fellowship is unique: open to all American citizens; lasting for up to six years; providing a $20,000 expense allowance; covering tuition; allowing a fellow also to hold a research or teaching assistantship; including one or two paid summer internships with a government agency; providing a mentor and the opportunity for a lasting relationship with the sponsor. For more information, click here.

CyberCorps: Scholarship for Service - undergraduate & graduate

The Advanced Network Technologies Division at NIST has several staff, student, visiting researcher positions in the areas of:

  1. Internet Inter-Domain Routing Robustness.
  2. Secure Domain Name System Technologies.
  3. Network Anomaly Detection / Evaluation and Internet Traffic Analysis.
  4. Network Function Virtualization / Software Defined Networking.
  5. Measurement Science of Complex Networked Information Systems.
  6. Advanced DDoS Mitigation Techniques.
  7. Networked Cyber-Physical Systems.
  8. Next Generation Internet Architectures.
For more detailed information on these topic areas, and the specific opportunities available, click here.