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As many of you have seen, renovation of the ECE building in continues to take place. Sections of the first floor were taped off over the week of Sept. 8, while the carpet was shampooed. The shampooing process has been completed.

However, when damaged drywall was removed, mold was found behind the walls. The mold has since been treated in order to prevent any further problems. The discovery of mold will, unfortunately, further delay the reconstruction process.

“Right now PPD [UNM Physical Plant Department] is working with Safety [UNM Safety and Risk Services] to get the building certified and approved to continue with the reconstruction,” said Mimi Stephens, ECE Department Administrator.

After this certification, a contractor can be selected to replace and paint the walls. The department hopes to make the renovation process as easy as possible for everyone.

“We will try to schedule things to be the least disruptive. We will try not to schedule things when there’s a lot of presentations or exams going on,” said Stephens.

The department is grateful for everyone’s patience, as always, and will continue to post updates as the status of the renovations changes.


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