ECE Scholarship Deadline Extended

ECE Scholarship Deadline Extended

Money may not grow on trees but it's there for the picking by motivated ECE students.

Although the annual deadline for engineering scholarships is usually June 1, ECE students have just received an extension until August 1 to be considered for some of their internal, departmental scholarships.

Elsa Maria Castillo (who administers scholarships at the Dean's Office) and ECE Department Administrator Reiner Martens are spearheading this last-minute effort to get needy ECE students to apply.

Four scholarships have recently come to our attention and there's more coming down the pike.

These four scholarships are "The Association of Old Crows Scholarship Fund," "The Christopher E. Evangel Memorial Scholarship," "The Arnold H. Koschmann Memorial Prize in Electrical Engineering," and "The Paul H. Wright Memorial Scholarship."

In order to be considered for these scholarships (as well as the others) a student must fill out an application.

Please click this sentence if you are an undergraduate student who wants to apply for a scholarship. 

Click these words if you are a graduate who would like to apply for a scholarship.

Or, you can just scan the QR code featured in this story and fill out the SOE Scholarship Application online! (Or simply just click this link).

Once a student has completed one of these application packages, he or she will be considered for all possible scholarships offered to ECE students by the School of Engineering.

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